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Larger bounce angle

The TT685II has been enhanced with a wider bounce angle from -7º to 120º and can be rotated 330º. It gives you more flexible flash angles and a more efficient light setup.

With one rotation of the light head, you can create the beautiful bounce light you want both on and off camera.

TCM Instant Conversion

The TT685II is equipped with the TCM function to improve the efficiency of your shooting. TCM allows you to instantly switch from TTL to manual mode. At the same time, this function helps you to memorize the correct exposure value so that every shot has accurate light output.

Quick Lock

Like the other advanced Godox TTL flash units, the TT685II is also equipped with a quick-lock feature that ensures smooth setup and helps you capture the next masterpiece at the most crucial moments.

Multiple flash modes for unlimited creativity

The TT685II goes even further in TTL, manual and multiple flash modes. In TTL mode, all the features like HHS9 (up to 1/8000s), FEC, FEB and behind-curtain sync help you capture every beautiful moment quickly, accurately and creatively. In manual mode, there are 22 aperture stops from 1/1 to 1/128 for your free setting.

Speed and power

The power port allows you to connect the TT685II to an external lithium-ion battery (e.g. PB960) for increased flash power and more options. The TT685 will be your next workhorse for real weddings, street fashion, news photography and more.

Wide light coverage

Combining extreme power with maximum Zoom capabilities, the TT685 allows for a wide variety of lighting setups and is compatible with a wide range of lenses. With a guide number of 60 at ISO 100 and a Zoom range of 20-200mm, the TT685 spreads the wide and even light you want for every shot.

2.4G Wireless X-System

The TT685II also features the Godox 2.4G Wireless X System for seamless connection to compatible flash units or flash triggers. The wide range of groups and channels ensures reliable recording without interference. The Wireless X System also gives you the utmost freedom in lighting setup with a connection range of up to 100 meters.

Transmitter and receiver flash

By integrating the transmitter and receiver into one unit, the TT685II offers maximum flexibility and convenience when working with other flash units.

As transmitter unit: V1, AD200pro, AD 300 Pro

As receiver: X1, X2, XPro, V1

USB update

Type-C update port and sync cable connector for added convenience.

created by: Marek Sarvas